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NBMS Media Center: Rock Identification

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Local Area Map (shows common rock types)

Rock Identification Tables

EHow Video Identifying Rocks (Keep closing the annoying ads)

Neighborhood Rocks

Rock hounds – Scroll down to the question and answer key

What kind of rock is this?

Rock Key & Rock Identification

How to Look at a Rock - Rocks

Yup…. Rocks (rock pictures)

British Isles Geology Toolkit




 Photos used under Creative Commons license from
Rocks 1 Photo attributable to Martin LaBar.
Rocks 2 Photo attributable to NeilsPhotography.
Rocks 3 Photo attributable to kurafire.
Rocks 4 Photo attributable to Sporkswrapper.
Rocks 5 Photo attibutable to James Jordan.
Rocks 6 Photo attibutable to Chris J

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