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Making smart choices about technology

Databases and Citations



Databases / Web pages

In SIRS, USE THIS search term

Year round schooling

SIRS Knowledge Source

ChildParenting:YearRound School 

CDE:Year-round Guide


ASCD:Year Round Schooling

Use Keywords:

Year-Round Schools



Animal Cruelty: Should animals be used for product testing?

SIRS Knowledge Source




National Academy of Science


Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Animal Cruelty)

College for everyone

SIRS Knowledge Source


Importance of College Education

Great Schools: College 

The Nation: Should All Kids Go to College

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to College Education)

Death Penalty (capital punishment)

SIRS Knowledge Source

Huffington Post:Why We Need To Kill The Death Penalty

CNN opinions:Death Penalty



Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Death Penalty)

Driving age for teens   

SIRS Knowledge Source

Chicago Tribune:Teen Driving Study

Ehow:ProCons of Driving age

Insurance Journal

USA Today:Teens and Cars

NYTimes Teen Driving Laws

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Teens and Driving)

Downloading from the internet

SIRS Knowledge Source

Music Piracy Pro/Con

Every Day Life: Pro/con file sharing


Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Downloading or Copyright infringement)


Plagiarism Punishment

SIRS Knowledge Source

MCPS Code of Conduct (Academic Dishonesty)-Scroll to Pg 21

Plagiarism Viewpoint Inside Higher Ed

Plagiarism On the Rise

Legal Zoom: Internet & Plagiarism

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Plagiarism)

Student Privacy: Will Public Surveillance Make You Safer or Invade your Privacy? 

SIRS Knowledge Source


USDE Policy on Student Privacy & Safety

 New York Times: Debate on Public Surveillance

ACLU:What's Wrong with Public Video Surveillance

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Student Privacy)

Dress code in schools

SIRS Knowledge Source

NY Times Dress Code Battle

NEAToday Dress Code Gender Bias

CNN School Dress Code Issues

Gale Database: Benefits of Dress Codes

LA Times

Use Keywords:

dress code

school uniforms

School uniforms

SIRS Knowledge Source

Great Schools: School Uniforms

Boston Globe: School Uniforms

Washington Post: School Uniforms effects on Poor/Homeless

Education School Dress Policies 

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to School Uniforms)

Home schooling   

SIRS Knowledge Source

School Money: Homeschooling Advantages and Disadvantages

Debatewise:Homeschooling should be banned

NPR Pro/Con Of Homeschooling


Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Homeschooling)

Longer school day

SIRS Knowledge Source

Scholastic Extended School Day

Seattle Times: Longer School Day

Education: School Day Debate

NEA 9 to 5 day

Atlantic: Kids Who Spend All Day At School

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to School Schedule)


Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

SIRS Knowledge Source

Performance Enhancing Drugs Fast Facts

The Price of Gold: Doping and Professional Athletes

Doping Sports Pro & Con

How Sports would be better with doping

Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Doping in Sports)

Other terms: 

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Athletes, Drug Use


 Single gender classes / school

SIRS Knowledge Source

Pros and Cons of Single Sex Education

Education World

Boys and Girls Learn Separately

The Atlantic: Controversy over all girls ed

NEA Single Gender Schools



Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to: 

Single-Sex Schools & Classrooms)


Right To Health Care

SIRS Knowledge Source

Washington Times: Health Care is Not a Right

US National Library of Medicine

New Yorker:Is Health Care a Right? 

ABC News: US Health Care Analysis

Look on homepage under All Issues: (scroll to Health Care)
"Under God" in Pledge of Allegiance

SIRS Knowledge Source

Constitution Center: Using Under God in the Pledge

NY Times Opinion

Huffington Post Opinion

University of Chicago Law School 

 Use Keywords:

Pledge of Allegiance

Under God

Church and State

Gun Control 

SIRS Knowledge Source

The Atlantic: Rules for Gun Control Debate

The Gun Control Debate

Time:Gun Control Fight Isn't About Guns


Look on homepage under All Issues

(scroll to Gun Control)


Photos used under Creative Commons license.  (teen driver)  (school uniform)




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