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NBMS Media Center: Tectonic Tour

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Photographs from Britannica Image Quest

Mount Kilimanjaro Old Faithful Mount St. Helens
                  All images are from Britannica Image Quest.

Web Links

Five General Resources  (Tectonics Plate Map)  (Tectonic Map at

Definitions you will need - look them up on Encyclopaedia Britannica or



Radio carbon

Ring of Fire – General Information

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Cotopaxi National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Pingvillir National Park, Iceland (For images search -  Thingvellir Park - in Image Quest.)

Dead Sea, Middle East

Map -

Encyclopaedia Britannica – High School level article (see link to Brtitannica in box on right)

Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington State

Live video -

National Geographic photography -

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa

Pinnacles National Monument, California (San Andreas Fault)  (For images search Pinnacles National Monument.  Also, San Andreas Fault.)

Encyclopaedia Britannica – high school article (see link to Britannica in box on right)

All photographs are from Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest.  (Get yours there, too.  See box on right.)

Tectonic Handouts

Database Resources for Tectonic Research

Find user names and passwords for these databases on Edline in upper right hand column.  

Use the above database to obtain your copyright friendly images for your project.  Thousands of pictures from which to choose.


Student Resource Junior

Sirs Discoverer