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NBMS Media Center: Drug Research

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Web Links

DRUGS - What questions do you have?

Write them down. Answer them with research.

Web Sources

Use the following web sources to gather information. Don't waste your time Googling. These resources have the information you need.

·       Partnership for a Drug Free America

·       GW   Alcohol & Other Drug Education

·       NIDA for Teens

·       Drug   Classifications

·       Above the Influence Drug Facts


·       National  Institute on Drug Abuse

NIH Drugs Facts

·       Valium

·       DrugScope (British so be cautious about info)

  -  Drug Abuse E-cigarettes

      Maryland Drug Laws

      Drug Abuse Cigarrettes


·       CDC - Alcohol - moderate drinking & more

·       Maryland DUI laws

·       Maryland DUI laws #2

Underage Drinking

·       Maryland Alcohol Laws

·       Blood Alcohol Content calculator

·       Blood Alcohol Definition

·       Moderate Drinking?

·       National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

       NIH Medline Plus

       Drug Abuse Youth Trends

       Drug Abuse Treatment



Database Resources for Nutrient Molecule Research

At school you don't need passwords.  For home or outside computers find passwords on Edline in upper right hand column. 


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Sirs Discoverer