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NBMS Media Center: Biotech Debate

Making smart choices about technology

Web Links

Stem Cells

Stem Cell Quick Reference:

Definition, uses, controversies:

The Stem Cell Debate: Is it Over?

More extensive information and links: 

Stem Cell Research Ethics:


Basic Article:  What is Cloning?

How Cloning Works:

Human Cloning, Including Ethics Discussion:

What is Cloning?  One-page article; includes video:

Links to Cloning information, including pros, cons, risks, reasons for cloning, and ethical issues:

Longer article with lots of good info:

Genetic Testing

Basic Intro:  What is Genetic Testing:

One-page article, What is Genetic Testing?” includes some ethical considerations:

Genetic Testing: What You Should Know; includes some pros/cons:

Pros, cons, lots of links:

Ethics of Genetic Testing: Medical Insurance and Genetic Discrimination

For disorders that are preventable or treatable, most people agree that genetic testing makes sense. But for diseases with no preventative measures, would you want to know if you were affected?

When What We Know Outstrips What We Can Do

Our genes contain information that scientists hope will help in the treatment of many diseases. Huntington's disease provides a window on the choices we face as medicine increases our ability to intervene in human genetics.

NPR story; includes a listening link:

Extensive list of Genetic Testing FAQs:

Genetically-Modified (GM) foods

What are GMOs?  Good overview.

Good summary :

Pros/Cons (graphic):

How can GM foods be used to combat hunger?

Pros:  using GM to make medicines:

Summary of GM foods controversies: gives both sides of argument; LONG article:

The Debate Over Genetically Modified Foods; article is pretty long; includes risks and benefits:

Pro Articles:

Bioethical council in favour of GM crops

Problems of GM foods:

GM Foods: Harmful or Helpful? Long article.

Biotech Handouts

Database Resources for Biotech

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Science Reference Center


Student Resource Junior

Sirs Discoverer