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NBMS Media Center: Life As We Knew It

Making smart choices about technology

Description of Project

Image result for life as we knew itOur moon has been hit by a meteor and has been moved fractionally close to the earth! The tides are rising, earthquakes are happening all over the  planet, and inactive volcanoes have been triggered and are erupting all over the earth.

You are trapped in the midst of this chaos. You must decide where you   are located when these events occur, and how these events impact you. You must decide what actions are necessary to ensure your survival. Once a course of action is decided on you will write journal entries detailing your experiences. Use all your five senses to make these entries as realistic as you can.

Dying is not an option, but evacuation is. If your region becomes uninhabitable you may move on, so long as you chronicle the details of your trip. 

Resources for Research:Click on image to open a source

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