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NBMS Media Center: Russian Revolution - 8th Grade English Project

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Research Links

A painting illustrating a scene of the Russian revolution 1917, shows how the church sided with forces against the workers, depicting a scene of anti-communist gun crew firing against the Bolsheviks in the Revolution under the protection of Russian Orthodox monastery.
The Russian Revolution
Revolution - An Overview

An Overview of the Russian Revolution from Suffolk Community College

The Empire That Was Russia - photographs

Alexander Palace Time Machine - Primary sources and more

MIT web page of websites relevant to Russian and Soviet history

Bloomsburg University Listing of Russian History Websites

Russian History Websites

Russian Orthodox Church

Search for Bolsheviks Deny All Rights to the Russian Orthodox Church, 1917-1918 in Student Resource Center, Jr.

Search for Stalin Reduces the Russian Orthodox Church to Virtual Extinction, 1939 in Student Resource Center, Jr.

Britannica Article - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Search for Orthodox Eastern Church in History Reference Center

History of Russian Orthodox Church

Russian Orthodox Church via (Do NOT use Wikipedia Section)

Karl Marx

Search for Karl Marx in Student Resource Center, Jr.

Search for Karl Marx in Encyclopaedia Britannica 


Search for Pravda in Encyclopaedia Britannica

Russian History Encyclopedia via

Secret Police/KGB/NKVD

Search for Armchair General KGB article in SIRS Knowledge Source

Search for Breaking from the Past (Soviet Union) in Student Resource Center, Jr. 

Start with Structure as this extensive site COMMITTEE FOR STATE SECURITY

Library of Congress short article

Leon Trotsky

Search for Leon Trotsky in Student Resource Center, Jr.

Leon Trotsky - History Reference Center

Joseph Stalin

Stalinka: Digital Library of Staliniana (photographic history)

Repression and Terror - Stalin in Control - Library of Congress

Student Resource Center, Jr. 

Tsar Nicholas II

Russia and Nicholas II

Search for Nicholas II in Student Resource Center, Jr. 

Vladimir Lenin

Search for Vladimir Lenin in Encyclopedia Britannica - Middle School

BBC History Vladimir Lenin (1870 - 1924)

Russiapedia article Prominent Russians: Vladimir Lenin

Student Resource Center - Search Lenin - Read article from Discovering Biography

Proletariat in Russia

British Library article The Communist Manifesto - Bourgeoisie and Proletariat

Britannica Academic Edition - Dictatorship of the Proletariat

Russiapedia article - Of Russian origin: Proletary

Bourgeoisie in Russia

Search Encyclopedia Britannica High  for bourgeoisie

Search History Reference Center for bourgeoisie

British Library article The Communist Manifesto - Bourgeoisie and Proletariat

Blood Purges of 1936-38

Student Resource Center - Search Political Purges - Scroll to "The Great Purge"

History Reference Center - The Great Purges - read Spreading the Terror subsection

Britannica School Middle - Search for concentration camps - look at Soviet section


Database Resources for Russian Revolution

Find passwords on Edline in upper right hand column. 






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